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Which two country flags differ only in the tint of blue? *


Wrong! The correct answer is: Romania and Chad.

How many sides are there to a snow crystal?

Woot, you're right!

Nope, sorry! There are six sides to a snow crystal.

Where can you find a dog’s sweat glands? *


Nuh-uh. Sweat glands can be found on their paws.

Which country has existed for longer than 20 years? *

Congrats, you're right!

Nope, the correct answer is: Namibia.

What fruit was worn as medals by ancient Greek Olympians? *

Yes yes yes.

{{answer_34764684}}, really? No, no. Greek Olympians would wear Olives Wreaths as medals.

Which of these Pacific Islands is not its own country? *

That's right!

No, Niue is the answer.

Who was the last US president to have a moustache? *


No, William Howard Taft was the last US president to have a moustache.

How many bones are there in a giraffe's neck? *

Yes! How could you tell?

Nope! There are seven bones in a giraffe's neck, of course! ;)

The term “coloratura” is often used in the following context: *


Singing! Coloratura is used to describe elaborate vocal melody, especially in opera.

What is someone with anuptaphobia afraid of? *

That's right!

No, anuptaphobia is the fear of staying single.

Which male animal carries the babies, rather than the female? *


Not right, the seahorse is the animal whose male carries the babies.

Which northern English city did the Vikings capture in AD 866? *


No, the Vikings captured York in AD 866.

Which Greek mythology hero caused the death of the Sphinx by correctly answering its riddle? *


No; Oedipus is the one who caused the death of the Sphinx.

Which author declined the Nobel Prize in Literature? *

You're right!

Not the case. Jean-Paul Sartre declined the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Created in 1883, the Orient Express connected two cities. Which were they? *

That's right!

No, the Orient Express connected the cities of Paris and Istanbul.

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